Why is your Miso in the fridge when the others are all on the shelf?
Our Miso is fresh, unpasteurised and hasn’t been sterilised with alcohol. Our Miso is naturally fermented and will continue to ferment in the jar which will eventually lead to the lid popping off if left at room temperature. Storing the Miso in the fridge slows down the fermentation and let's you enjoy our Miso at it’s freshest.

What are the health benefits to eating Miso?
The health benefits of Miso are significant. Miso has been proven to:
Assist in re-populating gut microbiome, provide protection against radiation poisoning, prevent some cancers and tumours including breast cancer, intestinal cancer, hepatic tumours and gastric tumours and prevent hypertension.

Is your Miso gluten free?
Yes, all of our products are gluten free!

Is your Miso organic?
We exclusively use certified biodynamic and organic ingredients in all of our products. However, we must be very careful however not to make the claim that our Miso is an organic product as we are not yet certified. We are working towards obtaining certification in the near future.

I’m on a low salt diet, can I still eat Miso?
Always discuss medical questions with your doctor, but there have been studies that show that the body will handle salt from Miso differently than normal salt. The exact reasons why this is the case have not yet been discovered. Miso can be a good salt replacement seasoning for people on a low sodium diet because there is so much more flavour packed into Miso - so when you use it, you need less sodium, proportianately, to get the same boost of flavour into your foods.

Are the soybeans in Miso ok to eat - isn’t excessive soy consumption bad for you?
Increased soybean consumption has led to an increase in health problems in some people and these are well documented. It is also well documented that eating fermented soy is not only safe, but hugely beneficial. The complex reactions that occur during fermentation, essentially break down the inhibitors and proteins that have a negative effect in unfermented soy products. When they have been broken down into their component parts, they become beneficial because the body can now access and use these broken down parts to boost normal body functions.

How long will my Miso last?
Your Miso will last well beyond the best before date. It is a naturally fermenting product and as such, rather than spoiling, the worst that is going to happen is that the Miso will turn sour.

Why is your fresh Miso no longer listed on your online store?
Our Fresh Miso is no longer available on our online store as we had too many instances of breakages and leaks during postage. Our fresh Miso is now only available in stores. To find a local stockist near you click here.

Why is your Miso chunky? I’m used to a smooth Miso.
You can use our chunky Miso in just the same way that you use smooth Miso. Our Miso is chunky because we have chosen to follow traditional production methods, similar to what would have been found in a traditional Miso shop. This is a decision that has been made on sustainability grounds (less machinery needed to make your Miso which means less power etc…) and also out of respect to the 2000 year old tradition and culture that surrounds Miso making. It is one of the oldest Japanese artisan crafts that lives on today and we felt that we owed it to the Miso Masters who have come before us to respect their craft.

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