How to Use Miso



What is this umami that people keep talking about? It is the fifth taste - known as a pleasant savoury taste. It is essentially naturally occurring glutamates and the simple way to describe what glutamates do to food is that they make things delicious! Miso is naturally high in umami so when you add it to food, you are not necessarily trying to make it taste like Miso, you are adding flavour and the Miso flavour is a little salty, a little sweet, a little sour and a lot of savoury, all in perfect balance.

A pinch of salt

In most of our savoury cooking, and indeed in a lot of sweet cooking as well, recipes call for us to add a  pinch of salt or salt and pepper to taste. Try using a teaspoon of Miso next time instead of a pinch of salt. This will do a few things for your dish:

  • Uses less salt than you would otherwise have used

  • Adds more flavour than using salt

  • Adds depth of flavour and body to a dish - even fussy eaters can be encouraged to eat a meal that has had a tsp of Miso - we even get e-mails telling us so.

This recipe used Miso in the water to boil the quinoa

This recipe used Miso in the water to boil the quinoa

Still not sure?

First time Miso users might not be convinced that putting a teaspoon of Miso into a delicious bolognese is really going to taste all that good so here are some simple ideas to test the waters without committing to a whole meal just yet:

  • Add a tsp of Miso to a salad dressing

  • Mix a tsp of Miso with mayonnaise for egg sandwiches or to have with tinned tuna

  • Add a tsp of Miso to mayonnaise for a coleslaw or potato salad

  • Add a tsp of Miso to your favourite marinade


Advanced Miso User

You're using Miso instead of pinching salt, you've got Miso in salad dressings, marinades, bolognese and more. Where to now?

Experimenting with Miso is lots of fun. It is salty, so anything that benefits from a pinch of salt is going to work with Miso. Desserts with Miso are really on trend at the moment - everyone is loving the pared back slightly savoury sweetness that Miso can bring.

If you want to get really creative with Miso, try culturing milk or cream to make yoghurts and butters. Our Miso is still alive so it has all of the enzymes and bacteria that you need to start culturing things. And of course, be sure to share your experimenting with us - we love to see what people are up to.