Our Ranges


Meru Miso Fresh Range includes three varieties:

Sweet White Miso

The sweetest of the Meru range, this Miso has a delicate sweetness that is balanced against the saltiness with a lingering celery infused umami. The overall profile can be reminiscent of parmesan cheese.

Sweet Red Miso

The middle of the Meru range, this Miso has a deeper and more complex sweetness compared to the Sweet White Miso. This Miso has notes of caramel and maple in the sweetness which pairs perfectly with the saltiness.

Mild Yellow Chickpea

This is the strongest Miso in the range, but still quite a mild Miso. The Chickpeas give a definite nutty flavour to the Miso and the underlying sweetness is subtle. On its own, this Miso is easily overpowering but paired with celery or carrot, the saltiness mellows and the sweetness can really come through.

Note: Our Fresh range of Miso is only available in retail stores due to shipping and handling requirements.

Meru Miso Powdered Range includes the same varieties as our fresh, except they come packaged in single serve sachets in a box of 10. Simply add a sachet to 250ml of hot water, stir and enjoy.

Food Service Range. Meru Miso also provides Food Service sizes for both ranges, please email hello@merumiso.com to find out further details.